Line Dancin’ Through Music City

This year, for Acrobatics & Tumbling, we were able to visit Nashville, Tennessee before a meet we had coming up in Bristol. I have always had a major interest in visiting Nashville and when I found out we were going to be going there I was super excited! I hoped so badly that we would be able to do something fun and memorable, something we could not leave Nashville without doing. Obviously, I am talking about Line Dancing! When I think of Nashville, Tennessee, the first thing that comes to mind is line dancing and country music; two things that I love so much. Although before I got to Nashville, I had never actually been to a place and gone line dancing. I only know dances that my friends would teach me on our own time and then when we were together we would just do them over and over again for fun in our living rooms. So when I got the opportunity to line dance at an actual country club, I was a little nervous; I was hesitant to go out on the dance floor. I wouldn’t say that I am the most outgoing person in the world, but I really want to work on that, so going out onto that dance floor and doing what I knew how to do was a step in the right direction. I have noticed that I hold a lot of myself back from the people around me, and I wish it was easier to let go and show everyone who I really am, but I know that it won’t come quickly or easily. As long as I keep taking baby steps, I know that eventually, I will get to where I want to be. I do know though that I want to go back to Nashville, maybe this time when I turn 21 πŸ˜‰ At least now I can say that the first time I ever went line dancing was in Nashville, Tennessee!


Casi Lynn Jackson


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