Me, Myself, And I

No, I am not the tall, hot, and naturally blonde girl on the right in the photo above, but I am the short, 5’1, bleach blonde girl standing next to her.ย My name is Casi Lynn Jackson and I am behind this little venture that I call Little Casi’s Little Lifeย at I am currently living in Eugene, Oregon as a student at The University of Oregon; I am a sophomore studying Advertising in the Journalism and Communications School here. Although I currently reside in Oregon, I am originally from the sunny skies of Southern California, the city of Orange in Orange County to be exact! Yes, the city of Orange in Orange County does indeed exist! Boy did I take the sun and warm weather for granted when I lived there. If you know anything about Oregon, it is known for its exceptionally green trees and the rain that gets them that color!

Not only am I a student at the U of O, I am also a part of the Acrobatics and Tumbling Team. Being a student-athlete here at the University of Oregon is so humbling and it has already shaped me into a more well-rounded human being. Though the grueling schedules are a bit hectic most of the time, the privileges that we student-athletes receive is well worth it in the end.

All of that aside, I am what I preach, an extroverted introvert. I have the abilities to be social around others and hold conversations, although sometimes I like to keep to myself and enjoy my alone time (which is okay!). I adore the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning (or anytime, honestly), online shopping (when I’m not broke), getting creative in the kitchen, being adventurous when I have the time, and maintaining a (mostly) healthy lifestyle. I love to create and edit video content and would like to pursue more projects involving photography and videography. I have a lot of passion that I have yet to share, and I can’t wait for what the future has to offer.

I want this blog to be based on passion, creativity, genuine interests, and all content to be from the heart! I am open to all perspectivesย and am willing to talk to anyone that needs it. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy!


– Casi Lynn Jackson


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