50 Things That Make Me Happy

The Oregon rain has finally died down a bit, and with it brings warm weather and the beautiful sunshine! The warmth of the sun always seems to put me in such a good mood, so I have decided to list the 50 things that make me the happiest of all! I definitely recommend putting your own list together, especially if you find yourself feeling down lately. Making a list like this really has opened my eyes and reminded me that the littlest things in life make life just a bit better. Stop focusing on the bad and start focusing on the good!

  1. Sabai
    • Sabai is a local restaurant here in Eugene that I discovered last year. They serve Pacific Rim Cuisine and honestly I would travel the world for this place. If you are ever in the area, you definitely need to check it out!
  2. Oatmeal 
    • Oatmeal is one of my staple breakfast foods that I eat almost every morning! I always add sugar and cinnamon to it to make it a little extra special! In fact, I am eating a bowl right now as I sit here and write this!
  3. Online Shopping
    • Even if I am not buying anything, I love to browse websites and find new and fun things! I have found that I am not the biggest fan of going to malls and shopping. Check out my previous blog post for some cute online shops I have found to be some of my favs! Click Here: Top Online Shopping Sites
  4. Pastries 
    • Honestly, I am not the biggest candy girl but when it comes to cookies, cake, and brownies, I am all in! Although, I am dairy-free, so sometimes I have to be a little extra careful but it never stops me.
  5. My Amazing Little Nephews 
    • Braxton and Bodhi are my sweet little nephews who are so silly and adorable! I absolutely love getting videos of them every once in a while; I often find myself replaying them over and over again just for the laughs!         IMG_8863IMG_8862
  6. My Family
    • My family is my biggest support system and I appreciate them so so much. They are always on board with absolutely any decision that I decide to make and they are my breath of fresh air when I need someone to talk to. I love them all unconditionally!
  7. My Boyfriend
    • Well, we have been together for well over a year and a half and he has become my best friend. I know that I can be my complete self when I am around him and his support for me is endless! I always know that I can count on him for a multitude of laughs! Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  8. Cuddles
    • All day, every day! Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that cuddling is a great stress reliever?
  9. Country Music
    • Country music reminds me of lake days, summer, and good times! Although, I do tend to listen to it during all seasons of the year. Some of my favs right now include: “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” by Old Dominion, “We Do Us” by Ryan Hurd, and “Do I Make You Wanna” by Billy Currington.
  10. Coffee
    • I must have my coffee before doing anything productive as my day begins. I drink my coffee with lots of almond milk and sugar! IMG_6871
  11. Coffee Mugs
    • I have never really thought about how much I love coffee mugs! I love adding cute new mugs to my little collection and being able to choose which cup I will be using that day.
  12. Starbucks
    • How can a coffee lover NOT like Starbucks!?
  13. Competitive Cheerleading
    • I used to be on a competitive cheerleading team with what seemed like my brothers and sisters. Although I am not on the team anymore I still get so excited and proud when I hear about their accomplishments today! I love them all dearly!
  14. Happy Couples
    • I don’t know guys, they just make me really happy!
  15. KUWTK
    • If you are wondering what this is, you must catch up on your reality TV. Keeping up with the Kardashians is a major guilty pleasure of mine.
  16. Make-up
    • Whether it is doing someone else’s makeup or my own, I love it all!
  17. Magnolia Market
    • As some may already know, I love love love the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. I have visited Magnolia Market, Chip and Joanna Gaines’ public market in Waco, Texas, twice now. If you are interested check out my previous post all about it! Click here: Magnolia MarketProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
  18. Home Décor
    • Home décor is a separate little passion of mine and I absolutely love everything about it! Everything from kitchen utensils and accessories to the furniture around your home can tell a story about who you are as a person.
  19. Planners
    • I am literally obsessed with my personalized Erin Condren planner that I got for my birthday last year. I write absolutely everything in it and it contains everything important in my life, aka it is my life. Organization makes me sooooo happy.
  20. Scented Candles
    • Nothing is better than walking into a room and it smells superb. I feel like we all have our favorite smells during different times of the year, and I must say my favorite has to be during the fall when I light a Pumpkin Cupcake candle from Bath and Body Works! *Heart Eyes*
  21. Floppy Hats
    • Ever since I dyed my hair blonde in December, I have discovered a new love for floppy hats. I just want to buy more and more!
  22. Music
    • I have mentioned country music specifically before, but honestly, I enjoy almost all genres of music as well. As long as I can sing and dance to it, I love it!
  23. Road Trips
    • Moving to Oregon has given me the opportunity to pursue many road trips across the entire state of California. Not only is the drive incredibly beautiful, road trips are a great way to catch up with whoever you are traveling with and just have a good time! Lots of time to listen to more music too!
  24. Cooking
    • Ever since I started college and ventured into life as a grown-up I have quickly realized how much I actually love to cook! For me, the kitchen is a space that I have the freedom to do what I want and get away from the real world for a couple of hours.
  25. Baking
    • Before I started cooking, I loved to bake! I started baking when I was in elementary school and it was a way for me to get into the kitchen without the responsibility of making dinner. I still, to this day, absolutely love baking! Check out my favorite chocolate cookie recipe here: Cookie LoveProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset
  26. Binge Watching
    • When my schedule has cleared up a bit and I have more time for myself, I love to find a good show on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO and binge watch until I am depressed that I have nothing else to watch. Some could say this is a problem but I say it is a stress reliever.
  27. Beach Days
    • One of my absolute favorite summer activities is going to the beautiful beaches of Southern California. It makes me so happy to lay on the warm sand and take a dip in the cool ocean when it gets a little too hot.
  28. Beach Bonfires
    • Beach bonfires are the best on warm summer nights with good company. The lingering smell of the fire in my clothes and hair makes me so content.
  29. Snowboarding
    • Snowboarding is one of my favorite wintertime activities! It is so thrilling and exciting to feel the cool, icy air wave across my face as I zip down the powdered mountain side.
  30. Football Games in Autzen Stadium 
    • Being a student here at the University of Oregon definitely has its perks, and one of them is being able to attend the prestigious football games in Autzen Stadium. These football games never disappoint and always call for a great time! Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
  31. Hot Dogs at Baseball Games
    • Every single time I go to a baseball game, I HAVE to get a hot dog. Maybe even two of them! I just can’t go without it because it makes the experience so much better!
  32. Coffee Shops
    • Coffee shops are just a great place to go and do homework or catch up with friends while having a nice cup of coffee. I love finding the cute coffee shops around Eugene and I definitely plan to find some more good ones down in California when I visit home soon!IMG_9001
  33. Spontaneous Adventures
    • Ever since I came to Oregon I have begun to appreciate nature much more. The world is so beautiful and it should be explored! I love to spend my free time with friends going on hikes, visiting hot springs, and just exploring all that Oregon has to offer!
  34. Photography
    • I have recently started taking photography on a Panasonic Lumix Camera. It has been so much fun to document the memories and places I have been able to experience while I play around with the camera. Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
  35. Albondigas Soup
    • My mother is seriously the soup master and every once in a while she will make me my absolute favorite, and thats my Albondigas Soup! It is seriously to die for!
  36. Getting Good Grades in College
    • Honestly it is such a fulfilling feeling when I see my final grades after a tough term and they are better than I had expected. Honestly I have better grades in college than I did in high school. I dont know how that happened!
  37. Winning
    • I would definitely say that I am a pretty competitve person, so winning is a must in my eyes. The feeling of accomplishment after winning something you have worked so hard for is such a satisying feeling.
  38. Original Pancake House
    • Breakfast is without a doubt my favorite meal of the day! The Original Pancake House is sooooo good and their chocolate chip pancakes are to die for! No IHOP in this joint! Its all about the Original Pancake house… SERIOUSLY.
  39. Christmas Lights
    • I have christmas lights in both my room at home and my room here at college! It just makes the feeling in the space more cozy and I love it!
  40. Ben & Jerry’s: PB & Cookies 
    • Ever since Ben & Jerry’s came out with their dairy-free selctions, I have been obsessed! PB & Cookies just has to my favorite though!
  41. Roasted Veggies
    • Now these have to be a staple when I make dinner every night. Roasted Zuchinni is a must!
  42. Movie Theater Popcorn
    • I seriously cannot go to the movie theater without getting popcorn, it is just a must at this point. Oh, and do not forget the EXTRA butter!
  43. Movies
    • Who doesn’t like movies? I love them in the theater, at home, on an airplane, in a car; Movies are perfect anywhere and are a great way to pass time if you are on a long trip or just waiting around!
  44. Tomatoes
    • I can eat tomatoes like apples, with a salt shaker in one hand and tomato in the other. Some may call me crazy, but I say crazy is delicious.
  45. Pickles
    • OMG, especially the ones from Disneyland! Now those deserve some *heart eyes*.
  46. Lush Face Masks
    • Magnaminty is the key to a refreshing face, but I am definitely more than willing to try others as well when the opportunity presents itself!
  47. California
    • Man do I miss the California sunshine. California was my first love and I could not see myself continuing my life anywhere else after college.
  48. Concerts
    • I love being able to sing to my favorite songs and artists while they perform their hearts out! Concerts just give me good vibes all around! 11800269_10204941845167359_5532499670835687597_n
  49. White Down Comforters 
    • I am the type of person who cannot sleep without a balnket even if it is 90 degrees outside and a white down comforter just makes my dreams come true.
  50. Instagram
    • Insta has to be my favorite platform of social media. I love posting and seeing other people’s posts and keeping up with what is going on in their lives! It makes me feel closer to those I may not necessarily be that close to anymore!

Well these are my 50 things that make me happy but I am absolutely positive that there are more that I could have added to this list if I could have! If you end up reading this entire post (bravo), I challenge you to make your own list and share it on some sort of social media and challenge your friends to do the same (don’t forget to tag me in it too because I would love to see your list. You could even comment the link to your list on this post and I will definitely check it out)! I promise this is a great outlet to keep you busy and it challenges you to think about those little things in life that really do make a difference to YOU! Keep on sharing the love and the laughs because a smile a day keeps the days brighter for yourself and for those around you!


Casi Lynn Jackson


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