My First Photoshoot: Behind The Camera

Graduation is right around the corner β€” not mine of course (I wish) β€” and what is more festive than taking fun graduation pictures before the big day! I know I loved being in front of the camera for my high school grad pics but the tables have turned this year. I was asked to take one of my teammates grad pictures and I was so excited to be behind the camera this time. I have recently ventured into the world of photography but I haven’t been able to do an actual photoshoot yet so this was an exciting opportunity. I would definitely say that I am not the most experienced so it was a bit nerve-racking going into it, but they were good nerves! I am honestly so grateful that my teammate was able to trust me with her pictures even though I am still learning and getting comfortable with the camera. It was such a fun time and I definitely want to take on other opportunities as they present themselves. This post is not going to be too long. Instead I want to use it as a platform to display some pictures I was able to capture during my first photoshoot behind the camera! I hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚


– Casi Lynn Jackson


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